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Kokuseiya-Kanna has started a donation pool!
304 / 10,000
What should i say...? I'm not very good, i can't do the shading very well but if you like my works....thank you very much
Edit: I'm going to open points commission soon, what do you think? If you want one please contact me :D

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:VIE: Miniquest by Kokuseiya-Kanna
:VIE: Miniquest
Mini quest: <da:thumb id="482921239"> Deadline omg :iconimsodoneplz:
Ẩu như chưa bao giờ đc ẩu :icongtthplz:
Ẩu đến độ ko dám tag phụ huynh các cháu vào :icongtthplz:
Trước cái này còn 1 phần nữa nhưng ko kịp kịp nên up cái này lên trước, vì dạo này mình khá bận nên tranh sẽ đc làm đàng hoảng sau................

Pls just see this as a wip, i'll do it probably later, i'm kinda busy lately


Derpy Kan
Hello, it's nice to meet you all ^^/
Just a derp with derpy art works, thanks for stopping by and noticing me, senpais 8D Hope you like my works.

Socialist Republic of Vietnam by Flag-Stamps

Vietnamese Language Level: Expert by xKayychuu BT EN Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design Italian Language Level: Intermediate by iFellDownARabbitHole

:iconpointcommissionsask: :iconrequestfriendsonly: :icongiftsfriendsonly:

My plz account for V-island explorer
:iconakiha-vieplz: :iconakimitsuplz: :iconk-akihaplz: :iconk-akimitsuplz:

Icons i stole~


(≖◞౪◟≖‵) (́一◞౪◟一‵) ლ(́ಢ.◞౪◟ಢ‵ლ) (́˙◞౪◟。‵ ) (́◎◞౪◟◎‵ ) (́◕◞౪◟◕‵ ) (́◉◞౪◟◉‵) ( ^ิ౪^ิ) (◞≼●≽◟◞౪◟◞≼●≽◟) \(́◕///◞౪◟///◕‵)/ ヽ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵)ノ (́=◞౪◟=‵) (*☉౪⊙*) (́^◞౪◟<‵) (´≝◞⊖◟≝`) 乁( ◔ ౪◔)「 \(́≖◞౪◟≖‵)/ (́>◞౪◟<‵)ノシ \(́☜◞౪◟☞`)/ (́。◞౪◟。‵) (́つ◞౪◟⊂‵) (́一◞౪◟一‵) (́A◞౪◟A‵) (V)(́◉◞౪◟◉‵)(envy) (́இ◞౪◟இ‵) (΄ಢ◞౪◟ಢ‵)◉◞౪◟◉) (΄◉◞౪◟◉‵) (́◉◞౪◉*◉◉◞◕౪౪◟◕◉◉Φ◉౪◞◉*‵) (́♛◞౪◟♛‵) (́〠◞౪◟〠‵) (́✿◞౪◟✿‵) (́✖◞౪◟✖‵) (́♋◞౪◟♋‵) (́♕◞౪◟♕‵) (́▣◞౪◟▣‵) (́☸◞౪◟☸‵) (́❂◞౪◟❂‵) (́✺◞౪◟✺‵) (́థ◞..◟థ‵) (́⊙◞౪◟⊙‵) (́✸◞♉◟✸‵) (́۞◞౪◟۞‵) (́✹◞౪◟✹‵) (́☬◞౪◟☬‵) (́☣◞౪◟☣‵) (́❁◞♉◟❁‵) (́✹◞♉◟✹‵) (́✮◞౪◟✮‵) (́☫◞౪◟☫‵) (́✲◞౪◟✲‵) (́ತ◞౪◟ತ‵) (́☀◞౪◟☀‵) (́☢◞౪◟☢‵) (́இ◞౪◟இ‵) (́墨◞౪◟鏡‵) 手伸出來 ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) (ლ ^ิ౪^ิ)ლ ლ(́ಢ.◞౪◟ಢ‵ლ) ლↂ‿‿ↂლ (ლ ^ิ౪^ิ)ლ ◉ื益◉ื ಠ益ಠ (´^ิ益^ิ` ) (◞≼◉ื≽◟;益;◞≼◉ื ≽◟) ☜(:♛ฺ;益;♛ฺ;)☞ (╬⓪益⓪) (╬゚◥益◤゚) ( ╬◣ 益◢)Y (╬ಠิ益ಠิ) (╬ಠ益ಠ)ゴルァ!! 爻((╬ಠิ益ಠิ))イカリズムッ!! 癶(癶;:゜;益;゜;)

(́≖◞౪◟≖‵) ( ́ ◕◞ε◟◕`)

Oh dear, to-do list

_Art trades and requests:
:iconkuri-nii: Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist (Miku & Rin)
:iconmekiyu: Progress Bar - Sketching by Oceannist (Hijitaka-Gintama)
:iconbloodyblackcat24: Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist (Ib and Slenderman)
:icondjroguefire: Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist (Draw him as a healer)
:iconredpanda-hero: Progress Bar - Coloring (wo) by Oceannist - OC
:iconrabbittheking: Progress Bar - Inking (wo) by Oceannist - OC
:iconearth9uake: Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist (Anything)

Arts for rp groups:



OMG, i'm gonna die with groups :icondoublefacepalmplz:

_Apps (for groups)
:iconorders-of-the-sky: :iconfissare: :iconbunker9: :iconon-sen: :iconc-l-o-w: :iconqueenscourt: :icontoushou-academy:
:icondroidment: :iconnekawaii-academy: :iconm-i-s-o:

:iconstrawberry-maidens: :icondoctor-of-doctors:

_Apps done:
:icono-asis: :iconakigumo-high: :iconillegibilus: :icone-m-l-y-n: :iconsento-no-seirei:

Man~~ I'm greedy!!! :iconmingplz:

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da-hazard Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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ZOMBIES by Joe-Roberts 
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You're very welcome, i really like that picture of yours, please keep up the good work :)
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Cho chị mượn OC của em vẽ Tanabata event nhé :3
Mà OC của em bên Midheaven là Lazio, là con gái hả ;___;
Chị cứ tưởng là con trai, để ghép cặp nữa chứ, thế là ko đc rồi :iconallmytearsplz:
Kokuseiya-Kanna Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
Ấy ko nó là trai đó chị, chỉ là thuốc genben chưa hết tác dụng thôi :icondeadbodyplz: Cứ lấy thoải mái ạ, nếu cần kíp thì ghép tạm cũng đc ạ
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